An exceptionally small environmental footprint,
with a modern world-class design

Mega Supply Pro had taken a full ownership of the material supply and deliveries for the Goldtex project. We’ve analyzed the scope of building materials and finish products specified by KlingStubbins Architects for the entire project, and sourced them directly from manufacturers, delivering them to the construction site at the exact times they were going to be used or installed, greatly streamlining the process, saving time and reducing costs.

In order to maintain stunning light and views, and yet become incredibly energy efficient, seven different materials make up the surfaces of the outer walls. We included four types of glass, solid aluminum, and a planted green wall on the eastern face. The façade design obscures the ‘loft’ column grid visible on similar rehabilitated buildings. All of the elements of the building’s skin reflect light differently resulting in a striking Jewel Box effect. The first floor exterior is coated with a special high-performance coating.