Coming Soon - Vertical Duplex Living by KJO Architects

Working with Tester Construction and Axe Development Mega Supply Pro is rebuilding a better Philadelphia one lot at a time. Slender infill sites between existing buildings provide unique opportunities to explore vertical urban living. Planned for Fall 2019, this residential duplex will beautify its neighborhood with a modern bauhaus silhouette, featuring thoughtfully designed sunlit living units that maximize spatial efficiency and open up the floor plates by pushing the circulation to the front of the building. Mega Supply Pro is in the process of finalizing takeoffs and putting together a delivery schedule for all the building materials, appliances, fixtures, and finishes that will be brought to the site by our logistical partners when the developer’s labor team needs them. Special attention is paid to sourcing the best bathroom vanity sets, a range of beautiful bathtubs, and sustainable engineered hardwood flooring. Visit this page in the fall to see more progress.