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How A Developer's New Approach To Construction Purchasing Allowed Him To Achieve His Vision

When developers have a clear vision, a strong initial design concept and the perfect location for their project, often the final barrier standing in their way is the antiquated process of acquiring materials to make their dream a reality. Getting supplies the old-fashioned way is no easy task.

Finest Innovative Reuse of Abandoned Space | Mega Supply Pro helps Post Brothers with The Irvine took a closer look at adaptive reuse projects across the country. The winner for the best innovative reuse of abandoned space is The Irvine, with materials and finishes sourced and delivered by none other than Mega Supply Pro.

Welcome | Philadelphia Magazine

Post Brothers & Mega Supply Pro Present: Presidential City Apartments. The rejeuvenated complex is one of the first in the area to cater to a new and growing category of renter: Families looking for convenient, maintenance-free, low-commitment living.


How A One-Stop Shop For Construction Materials Is Helping The Industry Evolve

Purchasing construction materials is a complex, multi-tiered process that can take over a year. A one-stop shop is now offering a modern-day solution.

After Addition, Waverly Court Continues to Evolve - OCF Realty with Mega Supply Pro

Philadelphia has more history than most cities in America, but even its oldest neighborhoods aren't frozen in time. From a real estate perspective, that generally means that old buildings get torn down and replaced by shiny new structures. Sometimes though, we see older buildings preserved, with their use and appearance evolving over the years, and interiors revitalized in contemporary styles.


Affordable Luxury Profile: First Look at The Atlantic - Multihousing Sourcing by Mega Supply Pro

Starchitect Rafael Viñoly adds a historic conversion to his portfolio of Philadelphia projects, with the help of Mega Supply Pro's procurement experts. Sourced and delivered by Mega Supply Pro, the furniture-grade, wide-plank white oak floors were have a beautifully soft and touchable oil-rubbed matte finish.


NoLibs' Piazza Begins Its Comeback With Tons of New Food and Drink Vendors, and outdoor furniture by Mega Supply Pro

The Piazza Pod Park, the Post Brothers' new mixed-use outdoor development, will feature food, beer, coffee, and spirits from local chefs, a roof deck, and an indoor "dining pod." The Piazza Pod Park , a new mixed-use outdoor development adjacent to the now-mostly-empty Piazza, is opening to Northern Liberties in early summer.


As Construction Costs Rise, Developers Are Saving By Cutting Out The Middleman with Mega Supply Pro

Two of the biggest obstacles for developers today are a shortage of labor and the rising cost of construction materials. Many developers are finding that taking the intermediaries out of construction purchasing can address both challenges.

Mega Supply Pro helped build the building that defies Philadelphia's street grid. Here's why that's a good thing.

The most powerful factor shaping the look of Philadelphia neighborhoods isn't architectural style, and it isn't money. It's the city's street grid. It literally keeps our buildings from stepping out of line.