Interior Design


Mega’s interior design team is part of our fully integrated design services, and curates every detail of interior spaces. Working independently or in creative collaboration with our clients, we develop interior concepts and space plans that bring your vision to life. A continuation of our architectural values, we believe interior spaces should be an elegant canvas for your life.


Innovative Products


Our range of products is truly unlimited and combines a growing network of the highest quality domestic and global suppliers, as well as our own products designed and fabricated in Mega’s manufacturing facilities here in the USA. Mega’s team develops and delivers custom packages of materials, finishes, and fixtures for clients across a wide variety of markets and clients.


Material Supply

As a part of Mega’s end-to-end building services, we offer our direct material customers unprecedented time and cost savings by leveraging the reach of our global supply chain and aggregating product demand across multiple projects to lower pricing. We offer everything from structural building components and timber, to appliances and fixtures, as well as a wide range of finish items.



Using the latest supply chain management technologies, we treat your jobsite as an extension of our manufacturing and storage facilities, offering greater precision, higher productivity, and unparallelled quality control. With decades of industry experience, our capabilities span everything from forging strategic partnerships to in-depth project planning and delivery coordination. Benefits of our approach include, but are not limited to increased efficiency, accelerated schedules, and reduced waste.


Personalized Approach


When working with Mega, our clients are matched with a personal account manager who plays the role of the primary contact for all questions. Having access to a knowledgeable partner not only gives our customers a piece of mind, it reduces your overhead, operational costs and improves performance. Aside from the account manager, your projects are supported by an integrated team of professionals that includes engineers, designers, product experts, and whatever else may be needed to see you succeed.


Budget Control & Cost Management


Price negotiation is our bread & butter; it’s where our paycheck comes from. Our clients tell us that nothing takes more time and energy than getting through the hoops and tricks of "commoditized solutions", "blind RFPs", "reverse auctions" and other hardball sales tactics. This is where our value proposition expertise comes in handy: whether focusing on discrete units, or the overall deal, – we know the real numbers.