In an era of faster project turnarounds, our procurement experts deliver competitive
advantage through global material sourcing and tested cost-saving practices. 

Mega Supply Pro offers strategic sourcing and supply chain coordination for the construction industry. Our clients include Developers, GCs, and owner-occupants gaining incredible time savings, cost reduction, spec modifications, procurement and supply sourcing, value engineering, and delivery schedule coordination on an unlimited range of rough materials and finished products, including plumbing fixtures, lighting and electrical components, large and small appliances, flooring, wall and surface finishes, vanities, cabinetry, as well as accessories for bathrooms and kitchens, and everything else in between.



Our Specification Specialists will review the specs for your project, and provide you with a competitive price schedule. From traditional architecture and interiors, to civil, landscape and structural sections – we will ensure that your build team won't be wasting time in the construction phase. We will also prepare a range of alternative options that will help you meet your target budget, contract terms, and time frames - all while ensuring full compatibility with the architect's requirements



Our extensive presence on the wholesale market, and construction merchandising experience gives us an edge in finding raw materials and finished products to satisfy any specification requirements, contract terms, and budgetary constraints. Our supply chain management framework and product stewardship encompasses responsible practices, local codes and regulations, as well as social, economic, and environmental dimensions.



Price negotiation is our bread & butter; it’s where our paycheck comes from. Our clients tell us that nothing takes more time and energy than getting through the hoops and tricks of "commoditized solutions", "blind RFPs", "reverse auctions" and other hardball sales tactics. This is where our value proposition expertise comes in handy: whether focusing on discrete units, or the overall deal, – we know the real numbers.



As part of our commitment to your success in executing the contract and meeting its terms, we utilize a number of channels to confirm the completion of submittals, provide project life-cycle estimate and tracking, and confirm the deliveries. Additionally, we track and coordinate deliverables against the project's schedule to ensure that specified materials are on site, ready for installation when your labor team is. In your industry, time is the worst resource to waste – and we know it as well as you do.


Our clients include long-term owner-occupants who look to us for cost reduction, quality assurance, and best delivery methods for projects ranging from boutique urban condos to massive commercial endeavors.

Mega Supply Pro's portfolio of bids and proposals include major infrastructure hubs such as the Philadelphia International Airport and Parx Casino, as well as dynamic sustainable residential projects across the nation, such as the extended stay AKA Residences at the United Nations Plaza in New York City, and a number of multihousing complexes in Philadelphia, among many others.