About Us

Mega Supply Pro – Strategic Supply Management & Project Timeline Coordination. In an era of faster construction project turnarounds, our procurement experts deliver competitive advantage through global material sourcing and tested cost-saving practices.

Company Overview:
Mega Supply® is a procurement service for building and construction industries. Built from the ground up by experienced development professionals, we specialize in connecting the manufacturers of building materials and products with contractors, construction firms and architects. We take the hussle of business planning and schedule out of your hands and get you what you need, even if we have to manufacture it from scratch, for the best prices. From multihousing to government contracts, with Mega Supply, getting the full spectrum of products and services is as easy as ordering pizza. Give it a try.

Our Products:
Rough and Specialty Products, Raw Materials, Finished Products & Fixtures, Spec Modification, Value Engineering, and Exceptional Logistics.